Ortiz Hopes to Stay in Boston, Help Rebuild Team

By on September 27, 2012 in

The Boston Red Sox recently wrapped the year at Fenway Park with a 4-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Usually a team that has a number of other concerns at this time with post-season play right around the corner, the 69-87 Sox have officially turned the page and opened up about their hopes for next season.

A top priority for the Red Sox front office in the off-season will be to work out a deal for veteran DH David Ortiz. The 36-year old slugger is hitting .318 with 23 homers and 60 RBI’s this season, currently signed to a one-year deal worth $14.58 million.

“I’m planning on finishing my career here, and trust me, when I stop playing here, I would not like to be packing to go home at this time,” said Ortiz. “Right now I’m feeling pretty good about my [Achilles] injury, and I’m finally feeling better and moving forward with that. I definitely feel like there’s something I still have to prove. Every year it’s the same. Every year you’ve got to come in and prove something.” The Sox will hit the road with six games left on the regular season schedule in Baltimore and New York.


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