The Nutcracker Returns Reinvented to The Boston Opera House

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The reimagined production of “The Nutcracker” will be the centerpiece of the Boston Ballet’s 49th season. Opening on November 23, the show will run until December 20.

Boston Ballet’s, “The Nutcracker,” has been tweaked and reworked this season. From 1995-2011 it featured sets by Helen Pond and Herbert Senn and costumes by David Walker and Charles Heightchew. This year, however, there are all new costumes and sets designed by Robert Perdziola and new choreography will be highlighted by artistic director Mikko Nissenen.

Perdziola said the clothing will employ “lighter, paler hues” and will be suggestive of the “Sense and Sensibility” era. He continued, “The costumes are very reminiscent of the Jane Austen period, from the 18-teens to about 1820, which is slightly earlier than it’s been done previously.”

The designers do realize, however, that “The Nutcracker” is a holiday tradition. Nissinen assures that “Because people are so familiar with this ballet, we’re keeping it very classic but reinventing and reimagining certain aspects of it.” He estimated that about 35 percent of the ballet will be new. He continued, “Even though this is a classic, it’s reworked every year. It’s the first ballet most people ever see, and it’s sort of the gateway into the art form.”

“The Nutcracker” is Boston’s most special holiday show. Nissinen exclaims, “Boston is in for a great ride as the Company continues to present a diverse range of repertoire that excites, engages and challenges our audiences.”┬áMake sure to get your tickets for this magical production here.



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