Red Sox Refuel for October

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In last night’s 12-0 loss against the Toronto Blue Jays, only two usual starters took the field last night at Fenway Park. Tim Wakefield allowed five runs on seven hits over three innings for his final regular season outing.  “I don’t want to give up on the team, regardless if I’m 60 percent. I feel like I’m needed. The staff has made it clear that I’m needed to be out there, and I’m going to go out there at 40 percent if I have to,” said Wakefield. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough tonight and ‘Doc’ pitched a great game for them.” Doc (referring to Blue Jays ace pitcher Roy Halladay) let up just three hits in his full nine innings of work.

Although Boston hasn’t been looking too sharp this past week, the most important thing for them is to prepare for their potentially long playoff stretch ahead.  Manager Terry Francona said after the game that “We’re trying so hard to keep our pitching not only in order, but strong going forward.”

Josh Beckett despite recent back problems suggests that he will be ready to go when post-season play comes around.  “Absolutely, I think I’ll make my next start,” said Beckett. “I think if I had to I could probably – I don’t think we’re going to need this – but I could go sooner if I needed to…I think right now we’re just kind of looking at Saturday to hopefully set things up.”  Saturday will mark the Red Sox second to last season game against the Cleveland Indians before they take on the playoffs.

Boston will be starting their ALDS series against the Los Angeles Angels either October 7th or 8th (depending on which schedule the AL leading New York Yankees decide to take). The Sox are 4-5 this season against LA but have sent them home in the division series three different times back in 2004,2007, and 2008.

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