ACE Boston Player Feature: Brandon Bolden

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Running back Brandon Bolden helped the Patriots make history Sunday in a 52-28 win over the Buffalo Bills. Bolden gained 137 yards on just 16 carries which marked the first 100-yard game of his career.

The undrafted rookie was quick to credit his teammates for their work, however. “It was a great job by the offensive line,” Bolden said. “Just giving space to the runners, it wasn’t just me, it was almost every back that got back there. Everybody had an opportunity, everybody had a change, we just had to capitalize.”

Bolden knew what it would take to get the Patriots back in the game after trailing 21-7 in the third quarter. “Composure,” he said. “You have to keep composure no matter what happens on the field. We could have been down four touchdowns, or we could have been down ten touchdowns. You just have to keep your composure and go out there and do your job.”

This is exactly what Bolden did. “We just stuck to the game plan, and I did was I was asked to do,” he said.” “We made the best out of every opportunity… We get out there and do what we do, and it just feels great. All of that hard work.”

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