Important Info to Know When Buying Red Sox Playoff Tickets

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The Red Sox and the Yankees have not faced each other in the playoffs since 2004 and as a result ticket demand for these games makes them the highest priced ALDS games in history.  Up until last night ticket prices were up by 70% compared to last years ALDS, with the anticipation that the Red Sox would be playing the Yankees. After the Yankees won last night we saw prices go up another 30%.

Things to Consider When Buying Playoff Tickets:

-Only use reputable companies

-Are tickets backed by a guarantee

-Don’t buy tickets from a stranger in person or online

-When purchasing tickets it is important to note that although the list price of tickets being offered by some companies is lower, extraordinary service fees are being charged on the back end.  These fees can go up to 30% or higher, so make sure you consider the final cost including all fees before finalizing your purchase.

-DO NOT post pictures of your tickets online to prevent counterfeiters from replicating your barcode

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