Yankees Clinch AL East

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Wednesday night in the Bronx marked the conclusion of the Red Sox season with a disappointing 14-2 loss against the Yankees. The Sox finished dead last in the AL East at 69-93 while New York claimed their 13th East title in 17 years. 

The Yankees completed their three-game sweep of the Red Sox and won their second consecutive division title. In the seventh inning, Baltimore’s 4-1 loss at Tampa Bay went final and was announced at the stadium. There was a huge ovation from the crowd, endless high-fiving, and “New York, New York” blared over the loudspeakers.

“This was difficult,” Yankees short stop Derek Jeter said. “Come into the last day of the season, nobody knows what’s going on. We’ve been taking it one day at a time for quite some time. It feels good.”

The result of this game leaves the Yankees finishing two games ahead of Baltimore. They also have secured home-field advantage throughout the AL playoffs.

The Yankees will open Sunday against the winner of Friday’s wild-card game, either Baltimore or Texas. Manager Joe Girardi comments on this, “To have the best record and not know where you’re going is strange.”

It was a disappointing season for the Red Sox but for the Yankees, Jeter says it well, “Now the real season starts.”

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