Sarah Brightman Announces Dreamchaser World Tour

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Sarah Brightman is, quite simply, a woman of many talents. Not only is she a singer of classical crossover soprano, she is also an actress, songwriter and dancer. She will bring her vocal range of over three octaves to the Boston Opera House on Tuesday, February 5.

The 2012 Dreamchaser world tour will begin with a performance in Hamilton, Ontario on January 29. It will wrap up in Phoenix, AZ on March 31 after 37 shows. According to her official website, there will be more international dates announced later this year so that the tour reaches 5 different countries in 2013.

Brightman, who kicked off her career in the dance troupe “Hot Gossip,” released several disco singles solo before making her West End musical theatre debut in “Cats” in 1981. It was here she met composer and future husband, Andrew Lloyd Webber. She starred in several Broadway musicals including Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” before divorcing him and retiring from stage. She then returned to her music career as a classical crossover artist. Some people say she is the creator of this genre and is definitely the most prominent of its performers. She is the world’s best selling soprano of all time, topping worldwide charts and producing best-selling singles. She has received over 180 gold and platinum sales awards all over the world and has been named by Billboard as the 5th most influential and top-selling classical artist of the 2000s decade in the United States.

Brightman announced earlier this year that she is in the midst of recording a new studio album, “Dreamchaser,” which is set to be released in January 2013. Her “Dreamchaser” world tour features songs from this album as well as many of her classic hits.

Mario Tarradell of praises Brightman’s on stage performance stating, “Her shows are feasts… Trust me when I saw that her shows are intricate productions transcending and expanding on the conventional ideas for a concert performance.”

Catch Sarah Brightman at the Boston Opera House Tuesday, February 5 to see for yourself.


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