Patriots vs. Jets Week 7 Preview

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Its not hard to tell that these two teams just don’t like each other. The ongoing rivalry between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets has not been forgotten. Jets Coach Rex Ryan said, “I’ve never stopped thinking about the Patriots.”

Through the last six games, both the Jets and the Patriots are 3-3 in a four-way tie atom the AFC East along with Buffalo and Miami. The last time the two teams met last November they also had the same records (5-3) but the Jets had just won and the Pats had lost. The Jets expected a victory but instead lost by 21 points. Now they know better than to underestimate Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

New England isn’t known for doing so badly right out of the gate. Rex Ryan comments on this, “They’ve lost three games. That’s probably more than they usually lose in a season.” Tight end Dustin Keller was also surprised. He added, “They’re usually a lot better than that at this point of the year. That can turn around at any moment.”

With the line-up the Patriots have, this isn’t hard to imagine. Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd are the best of the best. They have scored the most points (188) and amassed the most first downs (177) and have the fourth-ranked rushing offense in the  NFL. The Jets, however, are ready for them. New England built up its front seven in order to counter the Jets’ offensive line and running game. In response, the Jets switched up their defense from the back forward so they could stop the Pats’ offense.

“We always get their best,” Ryan said. “And they always get ours. We’ll see if our best is better than their best.”

In the end, one team will be 4-3 after Sunday’s game at Gillette. Let’s hope it’s the Patriots.

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