Angels Notch Win in Extras This Time Around

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Another ALCS extra innings thriller in the books between the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees last night at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.  New York was leading for the majority of the contest, with Derek Jeter starting off the festivities right with a solo home run in the first. The Angels surged back mid-game and finally put the night to rest in the 11th when Jeff Mathis drove in Howie Kendrick with a two-out double for LA to win 5-4.

“There was a lot of great baseball on that field this afternoon,” said Angels manager Mike Scioscia. “There were a lot of twists and turns, and both teams played a terrific game. We just got it done at the end.” The crucial win for LA put them one game behind in the series with Games 4 and 5 to be played on the west coast.

Andy Pettitte and Jered Weaver both pitched solid for their respective clubs, letting up three runs apiece in five plus innings of work. The Yankees already ahead in the series with two wins can only look forward to strengthening their lead tonight.

“It was disappointing (Monday), but I don’t think anyone in here is frustrated,” Damon said. “We know we’re still up in the series and we know we have the big man going (Tuesday), and he’s been pretty good for us.” The ‘Big Man’ he is referring to is ace pitcher CC Sabathia, who will start tonight for the Yanks against the 10-9 Scott Kazmir. Game 4 is scheduled for 7:57 PM.

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