NBA Talks Resume, More Cancellations To Come

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NBA owners and players are scheduled to meet again this afternoon, six days after failing to reach a new CBA with a federal mediator on hand. The October 20th labor discussions broke down once owners insisted they agree to a 50-50 split of revenues before further negotiating the salary-cap system.

The New York Daily News reported that the NBA plans to cancel two more weeks of the season within the next few days. Many have speculated that league Commissioner David Stern will make that decision based on Wednesday’s talks.

Chicago Bulls point guard and reigning MVP Derrick Rose would like to see a softer salary-cap and more player benefits, but realizes the painful truth that a new deal is far from being reached.

“The most difficult part is, every day you wake up and you see games canceled,” he said. “The fans are fiending for it. I know we’re itching to play. And I know that it’ll hurt the game because our fans are loyal and for us not to be playing, I think it’ll hurt them more.” Stay tuned for more NBA lockout updates.


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