Fenway Plans Open Skating

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The Boston Globe recently reported for a variety of events to take place at Fenway Park around the time of the Winter Classic game between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers. The rink is expected to be ready by December 18th following the arrival of the ice-making ingredients on the 10th. The Bruins and Red Sox will be involved in events around the Classic, including a date or two reserved for public skating.

Hockey East will be showcasing their talents at Fenway Park on January 8th when Boston University and Boston College match up.  UNH and Northeastern women’s hockey will be competing on the ice as well that day.

The Bruins and Flyers have been looking forward to New Years Day for the past several months.  “I have been out west for the last six or seven years of my career, so to come to Boston was a big event,” said Flyers goalie Brian Boucher. “Some years you don’t come, and when you do it’s a big event for your family. Now I’m going to be coming to play at Fenway Park? I mean, it’s pretty wild. You come here to watch sporting events, not to take part in them.”

All official schedules for events will be announced by early next week. Winter Classic and Hockey East at Fenway tickets are available now!


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