A Great Game You May Have Missed

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One of the Greatest World Series games of all time. 11th inning walk off home run to end it, forcing a game 7, the first game 7 since 2002. It was one for the ages.

Did you see it? Me neither…

Well, I saw it in the 7th inning when it was still on at a reasonable hour. 10-10:30pm. But once Beltre and Cruz hit those back to back homers, it was over. Who would’ve guessed what would transpire in the later innings.

Of course I didn’t see it, not because I THOUGHT it was over, but because I have a job I need to go to, and 2 kids, and, quite frankly, I was exhausted.

Sure, I could have set the ol’ DVR and watched it this morning or later today, but I would have already known what happened long before I watched it, thanks to the immediacy of media in this day and age.

So I went to bed, got up this morning and saw the highlights. Man, I wish I could have stayed up later. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this predicament. And we can all thank television for doing this to us. We can thank the networks for doing research and discovering that more people will watch the game starting at 8:05pm rather than 7:05pm. And their one lot in life is to maximize viewers, of course.

It’s a shame too, because most kids under 7 years old will never get a chance to see their favorite team celebrate a Championship in baseball. I know my parents would let me stay up late once in a while for special occasions, but I never would have seen the miraculous comeback by the Sox in ’04 when the games vs. the Yankees went past midnight on a nightly basis. Now I miss games not because I am a kid but because I have kids!

I understand it’s ultimately about money – money for the networks and for the MLB. And yes, maybe more people actually watch the games when they start at 8:05pm because they come home from work, have dinner, and get settled in front of the flat screen just in time for the first pitch.

But imagine if they started the World Series games at 7:05pm (or had a day game? Don’t hold your breath). Maybe the same people who watch now can make a small adjustment to their schedule when they come home from work. And maybe some parents will let their kids stay up a little later so they can watch history together. They still may not be able to watch the whole game, but at least they can get a taste. And who knows, if it’s in a National  League ballpark it could be over by 9:30pm (well, probably only if Roy Halladay and Mark Buerhle are the starters). MLB and the networks do a ton of charity work; just think of it that way – you’re doing a service to the community by allowing families to watch the game together.

Tonight’s game will be the first game 7 in the World Series since 2002. And it won’t be over until the last batter gets an out, no matter what the score. I have to be to work by 10am tomorrow, so if I want to watch the whole game I can.

The spirit is willing… but I’ll probably see the highlights Saturday morning.


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