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As an avid sports fan, I have been to many venues across the country and seen my share of professional and college matches. Prior to this afternoon, my only NFL experience was a 1994 preseason game between the Cleveland Browns (yes, the OLD ones!) and the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome which was cut short because the roof collapsed. However, this all changed today when I had the privilege of attending the Pat/Jets game in full “V.I.P. style” in order to get a better sense of just how lucky some of our clients can be to have this once in a lifetime opportunity for themselves. I consider myself to be an extremely critical person, and I would be lying if I said did not go into this whole Patriots V.I.P. thing without the expectation of disappointment. Boy was I ever wrong….

As cliché as it may sound, the best way I can describe my initial reaction to entering the Dana-Farber Field House for the Official Patriots Tailgate Party is similar to that of “a kid in a candy store.” After walking through throngs of people waiting in the 85 degree weather at the Patriot Place bars, it was welcoming to walk into an air conditioned room with absolutely no line. As I came through the door, I was politely greeted by a Patriot Hall of Famer, Andre Tippett who was handing out official game day programs. He asked if I would like one and I kindly responded yes. He actually gave me two (autographing one without me even asking…but I will deal with it), and told me to enjoy the game. I was thinking to myself, “don’t these things cost like $7 a piece in the stadium?!” The next people I encountered were the very lovely, and VERY VERY beautiful, Patriots Cheerleaders. There were about 10 of them at this party and they were all very approachable and were delighted to take pictures with myself and my friends as you will probably see on here and of course they made their way to my Facebook page haha.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this entire experience was the selection and quality of the delicious food on hand. Because the all of the restaurants/caterers jump at the opportunity to display their selections to the upscale clientele at this event, they all brought their very best to the table. Notable vendors from all over New England had freshly prepared and elegantly arranged buffets, ranging from Fenway Park style sausages to raw bar spreads and filet mignon tips. If you still had room after your all-you-can-eat feast, the top pastry chefs and bakeries also had their best items to quench any fan’s sweet tooth. Couple this food with about a dozen “top shelf” open bars and every 1:00pm NFL game being broadcasted on the various Jumbo Trons around the field house, you cannot ask for a better setup to entertain clients or special guests you decide to bring to the game.

About an hour before kickoff, I accompanied my clients from the Tailgate Party over to the VIP entrance next to the Patriots Clubhouse for the capstone of this very special day. Along with their 50 yard line seats, they would be able to go onto the field during warm-ups and essentially be side by side with some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Short of being on the Patriots Practice Squad, this is about as good as it gets! Many of the players made it a point to stretch and do their pregame routines right in front of the section where these few lucky guests were standing. Some of the players and coaches came over and said a brief hello before getting prepared for the intense rivalry about to ensue on the very field we were standing on. Oh yeah, and if it wasn’t cool enough already…the entire Bruins team surprised the crowd and brought the Stanley Cup onto the field right in front of us as they were honorary captains for the game. That was a nice little added bonus since my clients are from Canada and die hard hockey fans!

Overall, the experience today was arguably the coolest thing I have ever been a part of in my 20+ years of being a sports fan. If you have a special client or loved one who is a huge football fan and want to give them an unforgettable experience, look no further than treating them to this amazing package. Even if you are not looking to spend thousands of dollars (believe me, I sure could not!), you can purchase the Tailgate Party individually with the seats you already have to make a “V.I.P. experience” work with almost any budget!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and never hesitate to reach out to any of our staff here at ACE Ticket if you have any questions about our available Patriots offerings. Hope to see you at the next game!


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