Phillies Send Series Back to NY

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The New York Yankees rallied for three runs in the eighth inning and another in the ninth, but finally after a Derek Jeter double-play grounder and Mark Teixeira strikeout Philadelphia fans were able to take a deep breath and realize that there will in fact be a Game 6. Chase Utley was the leading contributor for the Phillies victory with two home runs and four RBI’s. Cliff Lee from the mound let up five runs in seven innings, but none the less completed the job.

“We definitely have the momentum,” said Phillies reliever Ryan Madson of the tough final inning. “I didn’t care if they scored one or two, as long as they didn’t score three.”

The Yankees will now meet the Phillies in New York this Wednesday at 7:57 PM. Get ready for a classic Pedro Martinez Andy Pettitte showdown. Pedro will be ready on five days rest while Pettitte will battle on three. Yankees manager Joe Girardi is still uncertain about whether he should give Pettitte the ball. “Physically I’ve got to see how he is,” said Girardi. “He threw a side Monday and felt good. But I’ll check with him Tuesday.”

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