Rolling Stones Discuss Tour, New Music

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Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards just recently revealed that the band is planning to record new material and schedule a string of concert dates in 2011. Richards, Mick Jagger and the rest of the Stones are denying rumors that their 2005-2007 “A Bigger Bang” tour was their last. “There are gems in the vault, but more interesting to me is that everybody’s ready to go out there again,” said Richards. “Who said it should stop and who said when? That’s what we want to find out. We’ll know when it really comes to an end, with a crashing halt.”

Richards is currently out promoting the release of his new autobiography “Life,” a memoir that highlights his struggles on the road with Mick Jagger and also discusses drug addiction. Despite the tension between the longtime rock duo, the 66-year old Richards assures that the band remains strong and eager to perform. “Most of those stories are 30, 40 years old,” he said. “Maybe it’s just rehashing it, but I had to tell these stories in order to put everything into context…Mick and I couldn’t insult each other if we tried.”

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