Patriots Dolphins Preview

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Following a bye week the New England Patriots are set to face the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at Gillette Stadium.  The division rivals have yet to see each other so far this regular season. After the weekend they will meet again on December 6th at Land Shark Stadium. New England currently holds the top spot in the AFC East with a 5-2 record.  The Dolphins are just below .500 in third place behind the New York Jets.

Miami LB Joey Porter had some choice words about Tom Brady and the Patriots when interviewing with Rich Eisen from the NFL network.  The 11-year veteran called Brady out for influencing officials, and from there continued to discuss New England’s “unfair tactics” used in the past.

“He (Brady) just points to the ref and he gets a flag. So I can honestly say that he gets his own rules,” said Porter. “I still don’t care for New England. The hate’s been there for a while, especially after all the cheating they did back in the day. They can sweep it under the rug if they want to, but just like anybody else that’s cheating that gets caught, you put an asterisk by it. But nobody puts an asterisk by those championships.”

The Patriots should likely retaliate with their play on the field Sunday. After these kinds of statements the squad will certainly be fired up and ready to go. New England Patriots tickets are available right here at!


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