Ortiz Re-signs With Red Sox

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The Red Sox re-signed David Ortiz this past Monday, bringing him back for two more years at Fenway.

The two-year deal for $26 million was based mostly on Ortiz’s success in his first ten Boston seasons rather than the way he ended his last. After his Achilles injury, Ortiz played just one game after July 16 this past season.

“Stopping me from playing was the decision of the doctors, management, the manager and me,” Ortiz claimed. “The team doctor recommended that I stop playing to not make the situation worse for the tendon.”

The $26 million deal agreement has a chance to make up to $30 million with incentives. This sounds like a lot for someone who is almost 37 years old and just spent the last season out with an injury, but given Ortiz’s production before hurting his Achilles, the Sox will need him to repeat that again next year. Prior to his injury, Ortiz was hitting .318 with 23 home runs and 60 RBIs before he was shut down for the season. If the Sox are re-signing him so early, they must be sure his injury will fully recover and he will be back producing these same stats.

Ortiz himself expects to rebound after fully recovering in the off-season. We sure are happy that Big Papi will be back in town for at least a couple more seasons.


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