Green Day Cancels Tour Dates

By on November 7, 2012 in

Green Day announced last Monday that the band has canceled the rest of its tour dates for this year but will postpone the concerts scheduled for January and February. The band’s frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong will be undergoing treatment for drug addiction.

Bass player Mike Dirnt said in a statement that “Obviously the timing for this isn’t ideal, but Billie Joe’s well-being is our main concern. We are happy to say that Billie Joe is doing well.”

Armstrong entered a rehabilitation program for substance abuse in September after a temper outburst at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. He reportedly smashed his guitar, cursed the sponsors and made rude gestures at the cameras because the sponsors told the band they only had a minute left to perform.

Because Green Day cancelled and postponed tour dates, they have decided to move up the release date for their new album. This album is the third in a new trilogy of LPs the band has released. This album, “¡Tre!” was originally planned to be released in mid-January. Now it will come out on December 11. The first album “¡Uno!” was released on Sept. 25 and the second, “¡Dos!”, is on track for its original release date of Nov. 13.

Tré Cool, Green Day’s drummer said that, “We feel bad we have to delay our tour, so to make up for it we want to give our fans the music earlier than we had planned. If we couldn’t be there to play it for you live, the least we could do was give you the next best thing.”



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