NHL Lockout Update

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Negotiations between the NHLPA and the NHL lasted late into the evening for the second straight day on Wednesday. Main points of discussion during the five-hour session were the “make whole” proposal and revenue sharing.

CBC.ca has announced that both sides concluded talks around 9PM on Wednesday and will meet again Thursday. The three negotiations are being held in response to a lengthy meeting on Saturday between Bill Dalyk, NHL deputy commissioner, and Steve Fehr, NHLPA general council. The two held talks on Saturday afternoon at an undisclosed location and stayed talking until after midnight.

Sunday and Monday were filled with NHLPA conference calls with its negotiating committee then CBA talks resumed on Tuesday. These were the first formal negotiations since October 18. Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr and Sidney Crosby were allĀ in attendance.

The talks continue to be quite secretive. Their locations are undisclosed and both sides remain tight-lipped. The NHL has already cancelled all games through November 30 and also the Winter Classic. The season was originally scheduled to start on October 11. If a deal is made in the next few days, the season would consist of no more than 72 games. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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