Celtics vs. 76ers Preview

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The Boston Celtics have now won two consecutive games and have pushed their record up to 2-2. Right now the Celtics are 1.5 games behind the undefeated New York Knicks. This makes them currently tied for second in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. They are tied for second with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers will face off this Friday at the TD Garden. Currently in the season, Boston has an average of 96.0 points per game and the 76ers have 83.3. Average points allowed is 86.8 for the 76ers and 99.8 for the Celtics. The Celtics have won their last two games against the Washington Wizards where the 76ers are currently only on a one game winning streak after beating the New Orleans Hornets on the road.

Though the two teams are currently even with 2-2 records, hopefully the Celts can pull it together to produce a victory on Friday. Some helping factors are that Philadelphia is the worst offensive team in the league and has the worst field goal percentage in the league with just 38.8.

You can still get your tickets here with Ace. The game will start tomorrow night at 7:30PM.


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