Patriots Defeat Dolphins in Foxboro

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Tom Brady and Randy Moss connected for a crucial touchdown pass in the third quarter as the Patriots defense contained the Miami Dolphins to 17 total points yesterday at Gillette Stadium. New England racked up a score of 27, posting at least three points per quarter. The Brady/Moss connection immediately followed a Dolphins touchdown, when Joey Haynos received a short pass from Ronnie Brown.

That’s like getting stabbed in the heart right there,” said Patriots guard Logan Mankins. “You grind it out for like 10 minutes and finally score, and then in like a minute and a half we come right back.”

LB Joey Porter certainly gave New England some motivation with his comments earlier this week, basically listing the Patriots organization as the NFL’s favored cheaters. After the game Brady responded to his trash talk with nothing but class and respect, saying “he’s a great player, he’s been a great player for a long time, but it’s always great when you come out of the game and you understand that you kept one of their best players from [having] an impact on the game. We have to see him again in four weeks, so I’m sure he’ll be juiced up for that game. Hopefully we can go out there and perform the same way.”

The Pats have a tough string of games ahead for the next three weeks. For week 10 and 12 they will match up against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. On November 22nd they’re scheduled to meet up with their division rival New York Jets at home.

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