Aerosmith to Move on Without Tyler

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Frontman Steven Tyler has recently announced his departure from rock band Aerosmith and hopes to pursue a solo career in the near future. After performing with the group for over 40 years, Tyler believes it’s in his best interest to take on the music scene as a one man show, saying he’s “working on the brand of myself, Brand Tyler.”

Since the shocking news became public earlier this week, the rest of the band has actively been in search for a possible replacement. Guitarist Joe Perry said on his Twitter account Monday that “Aerosmith is definitely NOT breaking up…one of the members is doing his own thing and said so in the press.”

There have already been rumors in regards to what artists qualify to step in Tyler’s shoes. So far it’s circulated for Gary Cherone (Extreme), Adam Lambert (American Idol runner-up), and Kid Rock as potential candidates. Perry has also found a singer named “Hagen” on You Tube for his latest solo product, which could also be the route the band chooses to find an appropriate fit.


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