Celtics vs. Jazz Preview

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The Boston Celtics improved their record to 4-3 after a victory over the Chicago Bulls on Monday. They will return to action Wednesday night at home against the Utah Jazz.

Rajon Rondo was key to the Celtics success against the Bulls, shooting efficiently, passing well to his teammates, and creating turnovers. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett shot poorly overall but Rondo helped them ultimately win in the fourth quarter. Hopefully Rondo can keep this up against the Jazz.

Utah has had an up-and-down season so far behind point guard Mo Williams. They just clinched an exciting win over Toronto, however, improving their record to 4-4 to stay a contender in the Western Conference. The game ended in triple overtime and lasted over three hours before the Jazz finally won 140-133 against the Raptors.

We’ll see if the Jazz can withstand the Celtics for this long on Wednesday night at 7:30PM. Be sure to get your tickets here at Ace.


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