Patriots vs. Bills Recap

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The New England Patriots held off the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, beating them 37-31 at Gillette Stadium. It was a back-and-forth shootout but ultimately the Pats sealed the deal with an interception by Devin McCourty in the last 23 seconds.

The Patriots (6-3) were just coming off a bye week after their best game of the season, a 45-7 victory in London over the St. Louis Rams. The Bills (3-6) are now headed to their 13th straight non-playoff season and will need a sharp turnaround to avoid it.

“Still a chance,” coach Chan Gailey said. “I think we’ll get there. I know I’m in the minority, but thank goodness I’ve got a group of guys in that room in there that, I think, think the same thing.”

The game was actually closer than was expected. The Patriots led the NFL in points and yards gained. The Bills were next to last in both categories. Still, the Bills could have won if not for one errant pass. A big difference in the game was that the Bills turned the ball over three times and the Patriots didn’t turn the ball over once. Tom Brady passed for 231 yards, had two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

The Patriots will host the Indianapolis Colts in Week 11 and the Bills will host the Miami Dolphins. Don’t forget to get your tickets here with Ace.


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