Pats Shift Focus to Jets

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Quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have moved on from the 4th and 2 controversy despite the media’s unwillingness to let it go. Brady when asked again about last Sunday finally set the record straight with the press. “You still want to talk about the Colts?” he asked one reporter. “We want to talk about the Jets. We learned a lot from the Jets when we lost, we learned a lot from Denver, and we’re going to learn a lot from this Colts game. We have seven games left and this is the biggest one of the year.”

The New York Jets are two games behind New England in the AFC East standings heading into their Week 11 matchup. The Patriots understand that the Division is most important during the home stretch of the regular season. Now more than halfway through the year, New England must put all their attention on fending off the Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Veteran Junior Seau emphasized the mentality and short-term memory players are required to bring to the field each week. “You can’t rehearse it,” he said. “One thing we’re going to preach here and now is that what’s in the past is in the past. We have challenges every day. Today’s challenge is basically to be the best team we can be today to get ready for the game.”

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