Will the Red Sox Trade Jon Lester?

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The latest Boston Red Sox trade rumor revolves around Jon Lester. Could he be traded for Royals prospect Wil Myers?

Bob Dutton from the Kansas City Star has written that the Royals are so desperate to acquire a front-line starting pitcher that they might give away top prospect Wil Myers if the deal fits. One of these possible targets is the Red Sox’s Jon Lester.

Lester’s competitiveness and natural talent make him a key component to the Red Sox team even though he just finished his most disappointing career season. He went 9-14 this past season with a 4.82 ERA. Losing him would leave a gaping hole in the starting rotation for the Sox and their next best pitcher would be Clay Buchholz. They still might be willing to take the chance, however.

The combination of money to spend and prospects to trade gives the Red Sox a lot of flexibility. Myers has played zero major league games but he is a 21-year old outfielder who has been a top 50 prospect for the past two seasons. He is not to be taken lightly. He’s coming off a season where he split time between Double- and Triple-A. He hit .314, had 37 home runs, 109 RBI and .987 OPS. Additionally, he is an extremely affordable player.

The Lester-Myers trade seems unlikely to happen. The Royals would be losing their top minor league talent for a player coming off a tremendously bad season who has only two years left until free agency. But, only time will tell.


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