Giants Suspend Burress For Season

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If the New York Giants return to the Super Bowl this year, they will do so without the services of one of last year’s heroes, Plaxico Burress.  Plax was suspended by the Giants for the remainder of the year including playoffs after he was arrested on gun possession charges stemming from a night club incident last week where the star WR shot himself in the leg.  This is the second time the Giants have suspended Burress this season.  The first came on an unexcused absence from practice.  Plaxico also gave the team grief this off-season demanding that his contract be re-negotiated.  Burress would eventually get his wish, landing a new deal with New York.

With the rest of his playing season decided, Plaxico can focus on defending the charges against him.  He faces a potential of 3.5 to 15 years in prison if convicted on the illegal weapons charge.  The team for their part has been offering words of encouragement and concern for their teammate.  The Giants have managed to stay focused on the field with an 11-1 record on the year. 


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