A-Rod To Miss Significant Time For Surgery

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New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez will start the season yet again on the disabled list. He will have surgery on his left hip. The injury could keep him sidelined until the All-Star break.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman commented, “It’s a significant blow. But we’ve dealt with significant blows and, hopefully, we’ll be able to deal with this one, as well.”

A-Rod has a torn labrum, bone impingement and a cyst. The 14-time All-Star will need four to six weeks of physical therapy to strengthen the hip before the operation and he will likely be sidelined for four to six months prior to the surgery.

Rodriguez is baseball’s priciest player at $275 million but this will be his sixth time on the disabled list in just six seasons. He had strained quadriceps in 2008, hip surgery in 2009, a strained calf in 2010, knee surgery in 2011 and a broken hand in 2012.

“It is a more complicated surgery with a longer recovery time because there is a little bit more that needs to be done,” Cashman continued. “I don’t think it’s age related. But at the same time, the older you are, the slower you’re going to recover regardless. But the bottom line and the message I’ve been receiving is that this is a solvable issue.

“When he’s healthy- obviously at one point he was spectacular. One player doesn’t make a team, and so we have to full a roster of guys plus our farm system behind that that’s going to have to fill in. We’ve done it before.”


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