Red Sox Tickets Already A Hot Item

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We are only about 1 month removed from the dominant performance put on by the 2007 Red Sox. After sweeping the Rockies for their 2nd World Championship in 4 years, most Sox fans had one question: When do 2008 Red Sox tickets go on sale? Well that time has come and Sox fans are already planning their 2008 outings to Fenway Park. is now selling tickets for all 2008 home games at Fenway Park.

According to E-Commerce Director, Michael Last, “Red Sox tickets are selling almost as fast as Celtics and Patriots tickets”. Which would seem normal, except for the fact that the Patriots are in the midst of a perfect season, the Celtics are off to an astounding start at 17-2 and baseball season is still four months away. Most fans aren’t even deterred by the fact that Red Sox tickets won’t be shipping out until March of 2008. Apparently getting Red Sox tickets in March for Christmas is better than not getting any Red Sox tickets at all. Just in case you do need something to stick in the stocking, Ace Ticket can provide you with a Gift Certificate until Red Sox tickets are printed.


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