Robinson Hopes to Join C’s

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The New York Knicks and Nate Robinson haven’t been on good terms lately to the point where a divorce might soon be necessary. In light of recent discussions Robinson has been rumored to emphasize his desire to play for the Boston Celtics over all other teams this regular season. The C’s are now relying heavily on Rajon Rondo to take charge with no true point guard to back him up. Marquis Daniels is expected to return from injury around the NBA All-Star break.

Robinson through 12 games contributed an average of 10.9 points from 22 minutes. The former two-time slam dunk champion hasn’t touched the floor since December 1st. “D’Antoni did not even look Nate’s way,” said Robinson’s agent Aaron Goodwin. “Sent a clear message to me that he had no intention to play Nate Robinson anytime soon.” Check back for more NBA trade updates right here with us at!


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