Marlins Inch Closer to Stadium Deal

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The Miami-Dade County Commission has approved a measure that may allot $350-$400 million for a new Marlins stadium.  The venue would replace the aging Orange Bowl, and would also be partially funded by the team (to the tune of $155 million).  If an agreement is reached, it could have a number of effects on the two-time World Series Champions.  The Florida Marlins would likely be renamed the Miami Marlins.  With a new, more inviting home, owner Jeff Loria would be far more likely to spend money on players that would improve the franchise.

The cycle of developing teams and dumping everyone after a World Series is severely grating on a fanbase.  While Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin should be successful with the Marlins, Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis already established a relationship with the team and the fans.  If Loria can be kept happy enough to end the “rent-a-prospect” era of the Marlins, they might be able to do one better than a wild card spot – while rejuvenating excitement about the team.


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