Rockets Plan McGrady Deal

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The Houston Rockets organization and veteran guard Tracy McGrady are presently looking to part ways after six seasons together. The Rockets hope to trade the seven-time All-Star as soon as possible to gain some relief from paying his $23.2 million expiring contract. T-Mac just recently came back from micro fracture knee surgery and has since been out to prove himself as a top competitor.

“Whoever gets me is going to get a hungry player,” said McGrady. “I don’t care if I go to the damn moon. It doesn’t matter. I’ve been hungry since I came back from my surgery. I rededicated myself, refocused, moved to Chicago, worked out the whole summer there. It was every day just grinding, just pushing. I’m not even supposed to be playing right now, so that really tells you how hard I’ve been working.”

The Washington Wizards have already reached out to Houston with plans to swap McGrady for Gilbert Arenas. The Rockets denied, knowing the $111 million contract sitting over Arenas with a side of his own constant knee problems. Look for a number of teams to show interest in McGrady as he returns to full health.


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